Services We Offer

Advising and assisting the Personal Representative/Executor

The personal representative/executor is the person hired by the decedent to represent him/her after their death. They have the duty to help administer the decedent’s Will.

We will help your representative with any technicality and assist him in getting your Will administered completely.

Establishing A Guardianship

  • Establishing a guardianship is a highly recommended measure to include in your Will. This will entail you deciding who to designate the role of guardian of your children after your death. If you don’t signify the guardian in your Will, the court will have to take the decision. Even though the court has the final authority over who to choose as the guardian of a minor, establishing a guardianship can allow them to decide in your favor.We deal with all the necessary documentation of this important step in the will so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Drafting Estate Planning Documents

These are the documents that you should have drafted in case of untimely death so that your assets can be securely transferred to the people you want. These include:

Wills and Trusts: A Will is a document in which you designate the distribution of your assets to beneficiaries in case of your death. A Trust is where you assign a trustee who has the legal right to your assets.

Revocable Living Trusts:  This trust ensures that no one has to go through probate troubles and costs and that transfer of assets happens swiftly.

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare: This allows you to assign a person to make decisions on your behalf in case of any emergency that leaves you incapable of making decisions yourself.

JBD Law deals with all of the above-stated documents along with any other Estate planning documents you may wish to draft.

Locating and Securing Both Probate and Non-Probate Assets

You don’t have to worry about any legal issue in securing your assets after your death. We have experience in helping clients locate and secure their assets, both probate, and non-probate. This means that all assets that have to go through the court before distribution and all assets that can simply be transferred to beneficiaries as soon as they receive the death certificate.

Obtaining Date of Death Values and Appraisals of All of The Decedent’s Property

The Date of Death Values and Appraisal are the valuation of the property of the decedent as on the day of his/her death. We at JBD Law are well-versed in the technicalities of obtaining these values and are prepared to deal with any problem that might occur in the process.

Collecting Life Insurance Proceeds

Your life insurance is a guarantee that your family stays financially supported after your demise. We ensure that your family doesn’t have to go through any hassle in obtaining your life insurance proceeds.

Assisting with The Sale of Estate Property

If you have included any sale of the property to be made after your death, then we can handle all transactions for that as well. We can help with selling off the property at the fair appraisal value and disburse the returns amongst your beneficiaries.

Requesting Court Permission for Various Actions as Required by Applicable State Probate Laws

Our professional legal team is equipped with the knowledge and experience that is required to receive special permissions from the court regarding any of the legal proceedings in your probate, according to the probate laws of your state.

Retitling the Decedent’s Assets into The Names of The Estate Beneficiaries

Another important step, we can help you retitle your assets into the names of your beneficiaries. This step requires some paperwork and specific details to be filled, something in which we specialize. Rest assured; we can handle the retitling swiftly, so your beneficiaries don’t have to.

Preparing and Filing All Documents Required by The Probate Court promptly

We are aware of all the documentation that is required to be submitted to the court and the technicalities in them. You can trust us to ensure we get you to fill and sign all the necessary documents and get them submitted on time.

Advising on The Payment of The Decedent’s Final Bills and Outstanding Debts

Our experience and knowledge of probate law allow us to also advise you on financial matters regarding any debts that you might have to repay. We can help in ascertaining the details of how much money is owed and where will that come for after your death.

Keeping Track of The Estate Checking Account

Like we mentioned earlier, our extensive work in working with finances related to probate has allowed us also to advise our clients on financial issues. One financial issue that we can handle is keeping a check of all the finances in your estate checking account. This is an account that will represent your estate funds. These will be used as per you Will to pay off debts and transfers to beneficiaries.

Settling Disputes Among Personal Representatives/executors And Beneficiaries

It is common for disputes to arise among personal representatives and beneficiaries. The beneficiaries might not agree to something in the Will or any decision that the executor takes on behalf of the decedent, which can lead to a dispute between them.

Our job as your probate lawyers is to ensure that these disputes are settled accordingly. We have dealt with multiple cases wherein such disputes arose and were able to settle them and to satisfy all parties.

Incorporating and Helping set up Small Businesses

We are also experts in business law, mainly helping small businesses with all legal matters. This includes helping them get incorporated, drafting employment contracts on their behalf, and providing any other legal assistance they might require.