Corporate & Business Law

At JBW Law, we advise clients on a wide range of corporate/business complex and time-critical matters. All our clients recognize the quality of our responsiveness, advice, and approachability.

Whether you are establishing your own business, protecting current business assets, purchasing or selling a business, drafting contracts of any kind, or dealing with regulatory, governance, or any other issues, we can help. All of our experts genuinely understand entrepreneurial challenges and have a value-based approach to achieve optimal results for startups and existing businesses.

Formation and Planning

If you are an entrepreneur, it is vital to remember that the assistance of a proficient and experienced attorney can make the difference. It can be highly beneficial when navigating the special rules linked with organizing, zoning, licensing, governing, and each aspect of starting a new or existing business.

Purchase and Sales

The buying or selling of a business can be distressing. At JBW Law, we can help you take action for the countless issues that arise with these transactions for you to avoid the risk and pitfalls associated with them.

Corporate & Business Litigation

We can handle an extensive range of litigation issues and matters ranging from contract disputes to claims of deceptive and prejudicial business practices. Our experts efficiently amalgamate our business knowledge with a well-crafted trial strategy to serve clients in the best possible manner. If you ever require assistance in going to court for your corporate or business needs, we have the experience to tackle an array of claims.