About Us

Understanding. Professional. Open-Minded.

At JBD Law, we believe in providing legal help to anyone that requires it. We understand the various conditions people are in and how legal issues can affect them. Therefore, we aim to provide excellent legal counsel to our clients and ensure they don’t feel unsatisfied. We further resolve to help everyone, regardless of their background.

When you hire our services, you are assured that you have hired the right help. We have extensive knowledge of Estate and Business law with a credible amount of experience with clients in the same. We are well-versed in probate laws and can help you administer your Will smoothly. We also deal with assisting businesses to get set up. This allows us to explain to you everything that you can expect in your case so that you have the best knowledge available to make the right decisions.

Our services come not just with complete litigation support, but emotional support as well. We empathize with your situation and know the strain that the law puts on you. We care about our clients and ensure that we are there when they need us the most.

We also believe in not judging the client. That is not our job, anyways. In this regard, we emphasize that you seek our aid with the assurance that you won’t be discriminated against. We primarily aim to cater to the marginalized LGBT community with any legal help they might require regarding setting up businesses or any family issues.

We Work to Ensure Your Estate Is Secure.

We at JBD Law use our resources to ensure your Will is correctly implemented so that your loved ones don’t face any issues. We believe it is important for people to secure the future of their estate and plan its distribution in case of any mishap.

In this regard, we know the legal proceedings and the documentation required at every step of the Will. Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about any missed deadline or court hearing as we are extra cautious in keeping a check on these.

Furthermore, you can have the peace of mind that your beneficiaries won’t have to go through the gruesome procedures of complicated steps along the way of administering your Will. We can also cover any disputes that might arise between your representative and your beneficiaries/family. This is JBD Law’s promise to you.

Joshua Bissoon-Dath

Attorney at Law

I love the practice of law, and the passion that I have for it is unparalleled. I hope that by coming to JBD Law, you are able to see that passion for the law translates into incredible customer service. I am here to serve you, the client, in any way that will I possibly can. I
look forward to seeing you in person.