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We have expertise in drafting employment contracts. Our clients include small businesses looking to hire people for the first time.

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Business Law

Our practice has experience in taking care of all kinds of legal business contracts. From helping new business owners understand the law to take care of legal matters, we cater to all things in between.

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Your Will is safe with us! We are well versed in multiple probate areas and can help you get your Will enacted, taking care of all legal proceedings in the process.

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Lawsuits and using the court system to resolve disputes can be costly and time-consuming. Mediation allows for the dispute to be settled out of court and can cost significantly less and much more time-efficient for all parties.

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and deliver outstanding results

Professional legal help
for every client

We at JBD Law believe in quality. This means providing our clients with accurate legal help while understanding the unique position they are in.

We resolve to effectively communicate with the clients and provide them any emotional support if required. Our open-minded approach means we don’t discriminate between our clients on any grounds whatsoever. This allows us to help the marginalized, specifically the LGBT community, in setting up businesses or dealing with their estate.

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Community Legal Matters


Why choose a law firm?

We are in an age of specialization. No lawyer alone can master all areas of law, and hence they specialize. We have a team that specializes in multiple fields of law. There are some instances in which multiple areas of law overlap. Here, your best bet is to be in consultation with a team of lawyers as opposed to one person. This is why it is in your best interest to go for a law firm.

What do I get for what I pay?

Simply stated, you will receive superior service through careful consideration, confident counsel, and unprecedented knowledge by the region’s top legal team that is both efficient and effective.

What do I do when I have a question?

We are interested in your questions, and we want you to ask them. For the most efficient and quickest response, please contact one of our legal assistants, as they have a working knowledge of all aspects of your case. If the assistant cannot answer your question, we will ensure you are contacted by your attorney as we believe secure communication and understanding are one of our key traits.

How do I get started?

The best course of action is to compile your thoughts in one place so that you can relay everything about your situation. Get in touch with us by starting your initial free 30-minute consultation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at  joshua@lawjbd.com or call us at (734) 666-0062.

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